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Dungong Valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Mobile phone: 13918861646

Telephone: 021-33656988

Mailbox: dungongvalve@163.com

Website: www.sh-dgvalve.com


Address: No. 5118, Nanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Management: High quality, honesty and customer first.

Values: sail against the current, retreat if you do not advance.

Entrepreneurial spirit: The enterprise is our second home, not only a place to shelter us from wind and rain, but also a place where we can use our strengths and realize our own value.

Corporate ethics: fair competition, integrity first, strict self-discipline.

Team consciousness: help each other, learn from each other, always adhere to a concept, we are family! ! !

Enterprise system: passionate people; way of nature; seeking advantage and avoiding harm; persecution and temptation; governing by law; governing by inaction; administering things equally; God pays for work; convention and custom; Qin Zhiyu Yu.

Enterprise mission: to make the best products and give customers peace of mind.

Corporate Vision: Keep up with the pace of science and technology, bravely create the world's first.

Definition of success: honesty, quality first, customers first.

Value concept: co-creation, co-prosperity and sharing.

Business philosophy: leading technology, sincere service, quality assurance, value for money.

Management philosophy: specialization, standardization and transparency. Specialization: Professional people do professional things and create people with outstanding professional knowledge and outstanding professionalism. Standardization: The rules are equal, the system is the first, and the company operates under the premise of standardization. Transparency: internal transparency of the company, stressing rules and equality; external transparency, doing things legally, not speculating, and taking the right path

Service concept: any small matter for customers is our big business; thinking must be changed, service must be in place; customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. (Customer first, quality service)

Development strategy: do it with heart, prove with action, speak with facts.

Corporate slogan: Create a high-quality brand and cast a first-class corporate image.

Success philosophy: Throughout the ages, every step of mankind’s success has been due to the continuous advancement of thoughts. Similarly, the outcome of life also depends on the belief in not admitting defeat. If you think of failure in your heart, you will fail. If you do not have the determination to win, just There is no achievement at all; even if you want to succeed, as long as the words of failure appear, victory will not smile at you. Therefore, from this moment on, I have clear goals and a lot of action. Tell yourself with a positive attitude, I can, I can, I can do it, strengthen my belief in victory, climb the peak, and climb the peak of life!

Ten pairs attentively:

To customers: care, passion, integrity.

To colleagues: care, unity, help.

To the boss: Obey and respect.

To subordinates: care, encourage, and educate.

To the elders: respect and humility.

For work: earnest, diligent and responsible.

To the company: believe, create and prosper together.

Right skills: keep improving, innovation and openness.

To yourself: Be strict with yourself, make continuous breakthroughs, and pursue perfection.

To the goal: Go forward bravely and never give up.

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Contact us

Cell phone:13918861646



address:No. 5118, Nanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai


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