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What are the commonly used valves in heating systems

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The valves commonly used in the heating system of valve manufacturers are: globe valve, gate valve (or gate valve), butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve (check valve), safety valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulating valve, balance valve, Regulating valve and a variety of self-operated regulating valve and electric regulating valve.

The stop valve: used to cut off the flow of the medium, has a certain regulation performance, and has a large pressure loss. It is commonly used in the heating system to cut off the flow of steam. In the valve model, use "J" to indicate the stop valve. Gate valve: used to cut off the flow of the medium , When the valve is fully opened, the medium can pass through like a normal pipe without changing the flow direction, so the pressure loss is small. The regulating performance of the gate valve is very poor. In the valve model, "Z" is used to represent the gate valve.


Check valve: Also known as check valve or one-way valve, it allows the medium to flow in one direction. If the pressure behind the valve is higher than the pressure before the valve, the check valve will automatically close. There are many types of check valves, mainly including: lift type, swing type, etc. The lift-off valve body image cut-off valve has large pressure loss, so it is seldom used in the new heat exchange station system. It is indicated by "H" in the valve model.

Butterfly valve: adjust and switch by changing the angle of the valve flap. Since the valve flap is always in the middle of the flowing medium, the resistance formed is relatively large, so it is less used. It is indicated by "D" in the valve model.

Safety valve: mainly used for pressure relief when the medium is overpressured to protect equipment and systems. In some cases, the micro-open water pressure safety valve has been improved to be used as a system constant pressure valve. There are many structural forms of safety valves, which are indicated by "Y" in the valve model.


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