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What problems need attention when buying a valve

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Shanghai Electric Gate Valve Company uses different valves in different places in daily life and production. In this way, when ordering valves, you need to pay attention to the following issues. When ordering, you must be optimistic about the following issues, so that you can Avoid unnecessary errors and delays, while also ensuring that consumers order the valves they need. The specific data information is as follows:

1. Valve diameter.   

2. Pressure interface materials: castings and component materials.   


3. Valve types: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc.   

4. The terminal connection method, if the connection method is welding, the thickness of the pipe wall of the connecting pipe shall be provided; if the connection method is flange, the flange surface or the degree of polishing shall be provided.     

5. Any material different from the standard configuration: sealing material, precipitation material, bolt material, etc.    

6. Any accessories: acid-proof protective layer, locking device, chain operation, etc.

7. Manual or power actuator: Please include the required technical details.

8. For the convenience of ordering, please confirm the specifications and models.

     Of course, when ordering a valve, not every data may be used. When consumers choose a valve, check the data items they need and choose carefully. In addition, consumers are reminded that materials, models, and reputation of manufacturers should also be considered when purchasing valves.


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